Wrist Silk Omega De Ville Lady’s Watch

In choosing a watch, in addition to considering practical functions, its design is also particularly important. For a long time, the OMEGA De Ville series of famous ladies watches have been loved by female watch friends for their elegant appearance design and the simple style of modern watches. Today we are going to introduce a De Ville ladies’ watch that can be called “wrist silk”, which is made of OMEGA patent material-Moonshine 18K gold material.

Let’s first understand what Moonshine 18K gold is. Friends who are familiar with Omega should know that this is a unique material of Omega. In fact, it is easy to distinguish it from other K gold in terms of appearance and color. Its color is relatively softer. This also means that its color is more durable and not easy to fade.

The dial line of the watch still adopts the classic classic style design-smooth lines embellish the carefully selected and arranged diamonds. 38 sparkling diamonds of different sizes naturally extend to the lugs, showing a charming curve. It complements the Moonshine 18K gold of the watch case perfectly, showing luxury. The diameter of the case of this watch is 36 mm, which is relatively inclusive for most women.

Pushing the lens forward, you can see the patterns on the dial of the watch, the obscure design and radial Roman numeral hour markers, as well as the two-hand design, all of which give this watch a unique texture as a whole.

The soft metallic color shines brightly. Through the sapphire crystal glass, you can see the words “swiss made” on the dial at 6 o’clock.

The crown is the iconic small red flower design of the series. The flower pattern on the crown is made of red liquid ceramic, and the stamen is inlaid with a bright diamond.

This Moonshine 18K gold classic watch uses a metal mesh bracelet for the first time. It can be seen that each bracelet has been finely processed, which not only fits the retro style in appearance, but also allows the watch to fit better. The wearer’s wrist. So that it can not only fit the “silk” feeling from the appearance, but also greatly close to the comfort brought by silk in terms of wearing.

Inheriting the design style of the De Ville series of famous ladies’ watches, the back of the watch adopts a polished mirror design and is decorated with the brand’s iconic “Her Time” pattern, which is particularly delicate. This watch is equipped with Omega 4061 movement, which is a quartz movement, which is easier to manage for daily wear.

Summary: Omega De Ville series of famous ladies’ watches, combined with the feminine and modern style of OMEGA women’s watch design, better interpret the style of ladies’ watches: it should be a collection of thousands of favorites, but not arrogant. Restrained in the heart. The domestic price of this watch is 203,600 yuan, and it enjoys 5 years of long after-sales service.

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