With the deep retro style of 2000+, the Seiko No. 5 shield revives?

Friends who are familiar with the craftsman must know that the craftsman loves “vintage style” watches very much. The bronze Panerai and the vintage Oris have fascinated me. Retro style is really a work of feelings, but it is relatively lacking in practicality. If you choose a price of more than 10,000 yuan and you can only buy one watch, most of your friends will definitely not choose a retro style watch. But today, the craftsman has found an entry-level work that can satisfy our retro feelings, and the price is easy to accept-the Seiko No. 5 “vintage” watch.

Seiko No. 5 is the entry-level “veteran fighter” of Seiko. From the beginning, the main feature is durable, and today it has become the spokesperson of the trend. Since its inception in 1963, the Seiko No. 5 has been highly sought after by watch lovers in every era.

Today, the protagonist takes the retro style as the theme and relies on the hard coating process to create a watch with tough lines and a historical appearance.

With a diameter of 42.5mm and a thickness of 13mm, this size is just right for a sports watch. The irregular pattern drawn on the dial contrasts with the historical appearance, giving him a taste of the passage of time.

The outer skin of the watchband is made of leather material, and the inner lining is made of silicone material. While maintaining the texture of the watch, it gives the wearer a comfortable wearing experience.

Through the back penetration, we can see that the core 4R36 movement has 41 hours of power storage. Although the performance is quite satisfactory, it complies with the low failure rate and strong durability watchmaking principles that Seiko has always followed. With the appearance of a diving watch, he also has 100m water resistance. Although he can’t take him to sail in the deep sea, he is generally satisfied with basic wading sports such as swimming.

In general, the positioning of the thousand yuan class, the emotional appearance, and the comprehensive performance higher than the average level of the same class, what more bicycles do you need?

Well, let’s talk about it today. Friends who like watches, pay attention to me. If you are thinking about buying a watch but are wondering whether it is worthwhile, follow me, leave a message or private message, the craftsman will be the first to see Reply to everyone at once, thank you for your support!

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