To reproduce the watch, you have to look at the Longines Legendary Diver’s Bronze Watch

In recent years, the bezel has become “retro style”, and many brands have explored the classic styles that have been launched and launched replica watches. Longines is definitely a leader in re-engraving classic watches. Whether it is “small freckles”, “crooked neck”, or 1946 chronograph, you can see the essence of Longines brand’s century-old watchmaking. Longines’ exploration of the classic replica series has never stopped. Last year, it launched a legendary diver’s bronze watch, which is quite popular among players. (Watch model: L3.774.1.50.2

The legendary diver’s watch is a representative timepiece in the classic re-engraving series. It was born in 2007 and its design was inspired by a diving watch in the 1960s. This new legendary diver’s bronze watch is faithful to the prototype design, inherits the classic elements of antique watches, and incorporates modern fashion, and is highly sought after by watch lovers who love retro style and classic design.

As can be seen from the name, the case of this watch is made of bronze. Bronze has natural salt water corrosion resistance, so it is very suitable for making diving watch cases. And with the passage of time, a special oxidation effect will be formed, and each bronze watch can brew a unique color, which exudes an irresistible attraction to players who pursue uniqueness.

Unlike the common rotating outer ring of other diving watches, Longines places the diving scale on the inner ring of the dial. This design is more individual, after a long period of development, it has become the iconic feature of the legendary diver’s watch, and this design can well protect the bezel and avoid the impact of collision. The diameter of the dial is 42 mm, which is a very conventional size today, but in the 1960s and 1970s, it was quite bold to design the dial to 42 mm, which also reflects the forward-looking design concept of Longines from the side. .

Matched with the bronze case is a gradual green dial, which gradually changes from green to black from the inside to the outside, with distinct layers. The pointer in the center of the dial is sandblasted, and the surface is plated with a layer of rose gold, which is consistent with the overall design of the watch. Careful friends may have discovered that there is no date window on the dial. This move is intended to follow the design of the prototype watch and return the watch to classic.

There are two crowns on one side of the watch. The upper crown is used to adjust the rotating inner ring, and the lower one is used to adjust the time. Most Longines watch crowns are engraved with a flying-wing hourglass pattern, while the top of the crown of this watch is a checkered design, which makes the watch more unique.

The case back is decorated with a diver’s embossed badge, paying tribute to the inspiration of the watch. The entire watch has a variety of waterproof designs, and the screw-in bottom cover and the metal spring in the case together make it waterproof to 300 meters. The watch is equipped with L888.5 automatic winding movement. This movement is transformed from ETA 2892. The antimagnetic silicon balance spring is equipped to effectively improve the accuracy of travel time. The fully wound chain can provide about 64 hours of power reserve with excellent performance.

In addition to the brown calfskin strap strap that comes with the watch, the brand also comes with a green NATO nylon strap and replacement tool. It is simple and convenient to replace the strap to meet the needs of the wearer for different styles.

Summary: Longines’ deep experience in the field of replica watches determines the outstanding quality of this watch. The size, bezel structure, and dial design of the classic replica series legendary diver’s bronze non-calendar watch are all restored historical classic watches. The image is unforgettable. In my opinion, the classic replica series is not only a simple watch, but also the bearer of the Longines brand’s history, which is of great collection value. The current public price of this watch is 24,200 yuan, friends who like retro style can pay attention to it.

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