The public price ranges from 700,000 to 150,000. How special is this series of entry watches?

2001 was a very groundbreaking year for Ulysse Nardin. In this year Ulysse Nardin’s first whimsical watch was officially launched. From 2001 to the present, 20 years have allowed the Freak Fantastic series to develop rapidly. By 2019, the Freak X watch. From the initial concept watch to the Freak X today, the design of the watch is becoming more and more simple, and the movement structure It is also more compact and closer to consumers. Today, we will take a look at the Freak X Lava Watch. (Watch model: 2303-270/MAGMA-BQ)

The Ulysse Nardin Freak X watch subversively removed the conventional dial and hands, but returned to the crown design (before the Freak Fantasy series did not set the crown, but adjusted the time by rotating the bezel). Compared with the previous whimsical models, the Freak X watch mechanism is more compact, with a diameter reduced from 45 mm to 43 mm, but the display is clearer and the watch is easier to operate. No dial and hands-the central bridge is used to indicate the minutes, and a gear in the movement can be used to indicate the hours. The return of the crown has a lot to do with the change of the movement. The movement adopts the UN-230 movement. This movement is derived from the brand’s self-made UN-118 movement and the Wish Transcend watch UN-250 movement. It uses automatic The winding device has a dynamic storage time of 72 hours. The Freak X magma watch in the video has a ghostly patterned case. This effect is achieved through ultra-light carbon fiber and red marbled epoxy resin. The red and black textures imitate the effect of volcanic magma, which is very special. . As the entry-level product of the entire series, the Freak X watch is very competitive in terms of watchmaking concept, design and price. The reference price of this watch in the video is ¥216,000.

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