The new leader-full display of the young personality of the beautiful “this age just over one hundred” watch circle

Each of us exists in the society with its own different personalities, and the composition of the watch circle is the same as our society. Each brand is like an independent social individual with its own different personalities. The publicity of Omega, the low-key of IWC, and the calmness of Longines are not only the brand personality they demonstrate, but also the personality characteristics of the wearer.

Today, we will take Mido’s recently launched new Navigator as an example to learn about the personality of Mido, a “rookie in the watch circle who is just over 100 years old”.

In the previous content, the craftsman also talked with friends about the all-round experience of the Mido Navigator. I can’t wait to see if I got this watch. Compared with his brothers, how exactly does he What’s outstanding.

The appearance design follows the innovative, vigorous and young watchmaking guidelines of the Mido brand. Compared with the veteran and steady Concas, the 44mm diameter of this piece and the firm lines outlined by the satin drawing process have a stronger sense of strength. It shows that he symbolizes the powerful young school.

But objectively speaking, the diameter of 44mm is slightly larger, which cannot fit the wrist width of most friends very well. If the size is too large to fit the wrist, it will cause a little cumbersome wearing and lower comfort.

In terms of color matching, the two configurations of black orange and dark blue are both classic colors of Mido Navigator, but as a representative of the young school, only two color configurations are still a bit conservative. You can set several more color combinations to meet the preferences of different watch friends. .

As a diving watch, the ceramic bezel brings a very good sense of high-end, and the configuration of the quick-drying fabric strap and the stainless steel strap is also in line with the positioning of a sports watch.

In terms of the functional configuration of the watch, this piece performed well. Compared with the traditional navigator, this work has added the GMT dual time zone indicator function, the pointer and hour markers have added a luminous coating, and the screw-in caseback and crown give it 200m submersible water resistance. The caliber80 movement gives him 80 hours of power storage.

From the slightly tensed appearance and strong core performance of this work, it is not difficult to see the young and energetic personality characteristics of the Mido brand. Dear friends, what do you think of the personality of a watch brand? Leave your opinion in the comment area.

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