The high-value bezel is responsible for feelings. After seeing Tudor Pepsi, Omega doesn’t seem to be so fragrant anymore.

Red and blue always accompany each other. Although the combination of the two will be in contrast, the visual effect is naturally coordinated without any sense of contradiction. Many designs are derived from these two colors. For example, the packaging of Pepsi-Cola is mainly red and blue. It is a pity that such ready-made color design elements do not need to be used in watch works. Therefore, the Rolex Pepsi circle was born, followed by the Pepsi craze that was all the rage for the bezel. Today’s Rolex Pepsi circle is expensive and hard to find. In view of this , Rolex sent a younger brother Tudor to create a work with the same design as the Pepsi circle.

This is a diving watch, derived from its elder brother Rolex’s excellent diving watch manufacturing genes. Tudor has also made great achievements in the field of diving watches. Outstanding design, fine details, and reliable performance make Tudor insult.” “Little Rolex” name.

Regarding this work, you can think of it as a tribute to the Rolex Greenwich II classic Pepsi circle. From its positioning point of view, compared to Rolex’s high price and difficult to find, this Tudor is much closer to the people.

In terms of appearance design, the lower red and upper blue bezel of the same model as Rolex, compared to Rolex’s ceramic material that highlights the texture, the aluminum bezel used by Tudor does not have the same texture as Greenwich, but the aluminum bezel brings The sense of nostalgia is what Rolex does not have.

The black dial and hour-markers with luminous coating are exactly the same as Rolex’s design. The brand’s original iconic snowflake hand may be the only logo that can clearly distinguish the two.

The whole is forged in 316 steel, polished by wire drawing process, and the corners are naturally transitioned. While reflecting the fortitude of the sports watch, it does not have the slightest sense of roughness.

In terms of functional design, this work is the same as Greenwich, with GMT dual time zone function. In addition, compared to the 100m swimming-level waterproof coefficient of Greenwich, the design of Tudor 200m is more professional and reliable. The core is equipped with the self-produced MT5652 movement, which has 70 hours of power storage like Greenwich. Regarding the self-produced MT type movement of Tudor, it has not been criticized as much as other watch manufacturers after its launch. It is durable, reliable, and highly accurate. High degree and strong stability are praised by many watch friends.

From the craftsman’s point of view, this Tudor did not say that it is a people-friendly substitute born to imitate Rolex. Whether it is workmanship, design, or performance, every detail is commendable. Point, a veteran diving fighter from Tudor, do you like this watch friend?

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