Starting at 39,000, most of these two nations are “enough”

Some time ago, many of the watches we talked about had relatively high prices. Today, I want to talk to you about two introductory forms. Although it is “beginner”, it is definitely “hot”. This is the IWC Portofino large third hand and Portofino’s new 39mm chronograph.

Players can feel that due to the increase in the number of hot watches and the tightening of supply and discounts, the overall market for famous watches on the market is generally rising. The types of introductory watches that can be bought at good prices are also relatively limited. For many people, watches such as the IWC Bo Tao big three needles and Omega De Ville are completely sufficient.

IWC Portofino Junior Three Needles, for most people, formal wear is enough.

Portofino large three-hand, because the dial has a red 60 scale at 12 o’clock, it is commonly called “Red 60” in China. Portofino is currently one of IWC’s lowest-priced formal watches, and the steel case version is priced at 39,500. Although it is the entry model of IWC, the origin of the Portofino series is not small.

IWC Portofino was born in 1984.

Portofino is a relatively late series of IWC. It was born in the 1980s, 50 years later than Portugal, which is also a formal watch. The reason why IWC launched Portofino in the 1980s was because of the popularity of quartz watches at that time, many watch factories were chasing fashion and making trendy quartz watches, while IWC had to do the opposite and make the most traditional ones. surface. Traditionally, IWC made a new moon phase small three-hand watch with a pocket watch movement. This was the first Portofino (model 5251) in 1984.

In history, the first Portofino, model 5251.

With a round case, three hands, and three-dimensional bar-shaped hour markers, Portofino began in 2003 and gradually formed the style it is today. From 1984 to the present, what has not changed is Portofino’s classic formal style.

On sale, IWC Portofino junior pin, steel case, white plate, silver pin version.

“The King of Face Value” in the entry list of IWC.

IWC Portofino Junior Pins, the “Red 60” as players call it, has been prosperous for ten years from the time I contacted famous watches to today. The biggest reason is that it has outstanding appearance in the same level.

The Portofino large three-hand, as a large three-hand calendar watch, is quite satisfactory, without any surprises. But with excellent proportions and fine details, the appearance is quite good. Regardless of formal wear or casual wear, the 40mm size is very suitable. With a thickness of 9.2 mm, it is very comfortable to use and can retract the cufflinks. The narrow bezel makes the disk look more open. The entire watch, all polished, adds a sense of luxury.

The dial of the watch uses IWC’s iconic willow-leaf hands, hands and three-dimensional bar hour markers, all polished. The calendar window is at 3 o’clock, while the half-quarter time scale at 3 o’clock is retained. On the outside of the hour scale, there is a circle of scales, red 60 at 12 o’clock, and the details are outstanding. Objectively speaking, Portofino’s large three-hands have a very conventional design. There are no complicated cross-sections in the pointer and hour markers, but the combination of the lancet needle and the three-dimensional bar hour markers is not only harmonious, but also enhances the recognition of the watch. . In the table of the same level, stand out. The feeling given to me is just two words, the atmosphere.

IWC Portofino large three-hand, using IWC 35111 automatic movement, 35111 movement is a universal movement, that is, the IWC version of 2892/SW300. On entry-level models, it is normal for IWC to use universal movements. The 2892/SW300 movement has passed the test of time, taking into account the thinner thickness, solid and reliable skin, no problem, 28800 swing frequency per hour, 42 hours of power. In addition, the watch has a solid back cover, and the movement cannot be seen. The steel shell version of Portofino junior needles has a circular brushed decoration on the bottom cover, and the gold shell version has an urban carving decoration.

For players, and even the general public other than watch lovers, who want to spend the same amount of money to buy a watch that they usually wear, the IWC Portofino Junior Pin is a good choice. If you think that the big three hands are not enough, IWC has released a brand new Portofino chronograph this year, not the 42mm in the past, but 39.

Every player knows that the IWC Portofino timekeeping was 42mm before. This year, IWC has launched a 39mm version, and it is already on the market. First of all, the new 39mm Portofino chronograph is not intended to replace the 42mm version, but an additional option. Both 39mm and 42mm are on sale.

I personally feel that in the past one or two years, the size of famous watches has returned to a rational trend, from large size to medium size. The previous 42mm chronographs of Portland are a little bigger from the angle of formal wear. The 39mm version is now available, which is moderate and perfect. In addition to the size, the biggest feature of the new 39mm Portofino chronograph is the change of the dial design. Modified the 3-eye chronograph counter of the previous 42mm Portofino chronograph to a 2-eye chronograph counter. 12 o’clock is a 30-minute counter, and 6 o’clock is a small seconds counter. The layout of the watch panel is the same as that of the IWC, and the layout is balanced and beautiful.

The 39 mm version of the new Portofino chronograph continues to use the IWC 79350 automatic chronograph movement, that is, the IWC version of the ETA7750 automatic chronograph movement. From ancient times to the present, IWC has always been a master at transforming 7750. The famous large and complicated watch horse in IWC history was also transformed on the basis of 7750. There is nothing wrong with using the 7750 on the entry chronograph.

The new 39mm Portofino chronograph has a slightly lower public price than 42mm. The public price is 47800, which is 1700 yuan cheaper than the 42mm version.

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