Sand-colored ceramics tasting the IWC pilot “Mojave Desert” special edition perpetual calendar watch

IWC introduced many new products at the Watch and Miracle Haute Horlogerie Fair at the beginning of this year. Among them, the 43 mm small flying meter and the new green disc flying meter have attracted much attention, but among the new products at the watch fair, there are two large models. Pilot’s watch “Mojave Desert” special edition. Since its launch, sand ceramics has always been a very special presence in the pilot series. The new perpetual calendar version is even more so. Today I will give you a detailed introduction through real shots. This large pilot TOP GUN naval air combat unit Perpetual calendar watch “Mojave Desert” special edition watch, model: IW503004.

The sand-colored ceramic design of IWC first appeared at the 2019 Geneva Watch Fair. IWC released the special edition of the pilot series TOP GUN flying meter “Mojave Desert” (model: IW389103). The positioning of TOP GUN in the pilot series has always been a technologically advanced “wrist engineering”. The selection of materials needs to deal with various climatic conditions. Therefore, some innovative materials have been selected for this series of watches, such as titanium and ceramics. This kind of material is durable and has good corrosion resistance. The emergence of sand-colored ceramics can be said to diversify the design of watch models and further enrich the product line.

The sand-colored ceramic of the watch is made by combining zirconia with other metal oxides, polycrystalline powder and a number of auxiliary materials are mixed into a homogeneous body, and then sent to a furnace for high-temperature firing after shaping, and finally this sand-colored Ceramics have lightness and scratch resistance, coupled with strong corrosion resistance. At the same time, its ceramic material feel is the same as other ceramics, and the color is particularly uniform. There is a kind of game in the hand, and the desert in the movie is watched by the soldiers. The painted firearms feel like a sand-colored SCAR assault rifle. The watch has a diameter of 46.5 mm and a thickness of 15.5 mm. The size is quite picky for people to wear.

There is a large onion crown on the other side of the watch. This flat-top, tapered, non-slip pit pattern design is designed to facilitate pilots to wear gloves to adjust. Usually, the hand feels better when we adjust normally. This crown can also be used for adjustment. Various display functions of the panel can be adjusted, and the water resistance of the whole watch is 60 meters.

The dark brown dial is still the iconic aircraft cockpit instrument design, with a striking triangle logo at 12 o’clock. The large hands and signs are coated with sand-colored luminous material.

Under close lens observation, we can see that the dark brown disk surface, including the sand-colored pointers, are delicate and grainy. At 12 o’clock, there is a moon phase display in the northern and southern hemispheres, and you can also see the silver moon with a circular brushed finish when you look closely. This set of moon phases of IWC shows that every 577.5 years, it will differ from the actual lunar trajectory by one day.

The 3 o’clock dial is the date display, the middle 7-day storage display, 6 o’clock is the month display, 7:30 position and has a year display rectangular window, the upper part is the small seconds dial and day of the week display.

After admiring the front of the watch, let’s take a look at the back of the watch. The 52.615 IWC self-made movement under the design of the back is at a glance. The uppermost hollow rotor is decorated with an 18K gold badge, the middle movement has a ring-shaped Geneva pattern, and the lower layer is polished with fish scales and equipped with a Bileton automatic winding system. IWC’s ceramic material is not only limited to the outer shell, but the resistant parts of its winding device are all made of highly wear-resistant ceramic material. The two barrels can provide up to seven days and a total of 168 hours of power reserve. IWC’s original mechanical perpetual calendar system can automatically recognize the length of different months and years. It was developed by IWC’s then chief watchmaker, Kurt Klaus, in the early 1980s. It not only displays precise synchronization, but also the crown. Easily realize one-key adjustment, no need to find the perpetual calendar adjustment pen to poke the small eye on the case.

The watch is equipped with a sand-colored rubber strap with sand-colored fabric embedded in the outer layer of the strap, equipped with a folding buckle, which is convenient to put on and take off.

Summary: After reading the large-scale pilot TOP GUN naval air combat force perpetual calendar watch “Mojave Desert” special edition watch, this kind of ceramic material inspired by the desert, combined with the tactical style created by the whole watch does have special charm, especially the physical effect It will be even more brilliant. One of the big reasons I like the Dafei Perpetual Calendar is that the layout of the four sub-panels is well-organized. Even if it covers a variety of display functions, it does not feel complicated. However, the perpetual calendar combined with colored ceramic materials does have a certain degree. The threshold, the public price is 264,000 yuan, and the 46.5mm large watch diameter is still quite easy for people to wear. Not only that, the two new Mojave models have adopted a limited production and unlimited sales strategy, such as the perpetual calendar only produced every year. 150 pieces, 250 pieces of the big fly. If you watch friends like this sand-colored ceramic perpetual calendar, you can go to the local official store for information.

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