QUANLITY management

One complete watch, inlcuding case, dial, hands, movement, crown, strap

FOKSY is very careful when choosing accessories suppliers

Watch Case

Our range of watch cases is manufactured to the same exacting tolerances as the rest of our comprehensive range of quality watch parts. With a choice of style, material and finish, our watch case design can be supplied to your specifications to ensure the ideal component for your product.

Crafted in our own manufacturing facility to the highest standards using state-of-the-art technology, including medical grade dust-free environments, our watch case production combines with our expert logistical support for trusted component supply for all your critical watch components as one of the most experienced stainless steel watch case suppliers.

Watch Dial

The Foksy range of watch dial components covers quality craftsmanship and materials across a range of designs and colors. Crafted to exacting standards just like every other precision watch component from Foksy’s bespoke manufacturing facility, we create watch face dials to meet your specifications without compromise.

Each watch dial for sale at Foksy is precisely printed, using a wide choice of materials and color options to create unique looks that maintain the highest standards while also leveraging our extensive supply chain expertise for reliable, timely delivery. As a professional custom watch dial manufacturer/maker, Foksy offers high-qulity wrist watch dial at reasonable prices. Do not hesitate to contact us now!

Watch Strap

The Foksy collection of dial components covers premium craftsmanship and materials in a variety of designs and colors. Like all other precision watch components in FOKSY’s custom manufacturing facility, we build dials to exacting standards to meet your specifications without compromise. Most importantly, in order to support our start-up customers, we persuaded suppliers to provide lower minimum order requirements.

Watch Hands

In order to better ensure the quality of the watch, we use the famous domestic hands factory. These factories all provide accessories for the watches of the world famous brands.

Watch Movement

We use different movements according to the quality requirements of customers, but even at the same price, we also use better quality movements, and multiple quality inspections to ensure stable quality.

Q/C Team

No product can be guaranteed to be 100% good in the production process, so the inspection of the parts and the inspection of the finished product is very important. Our strong quality inspection team adds a solid insurance to our watches.


Since customers come from all over the world and products take a long journey to reach customers, the safety of packaging is very important. Many customers also appreciate our packaging methods, and even send their watches made by other suppliers to our factory and let us pack them for them.

Test Machines

Quality assurance is limited by the naked eye, so we use a variety of equipment to help detect.