Mayk Azzato joins the ML Crew family

Maurice Lacroix welcomes director and photographer Mayk Azzato to join the ML Crew family. Mayk Azzato cleverly blends German precision and Italian creativity. His photography and film works feature global celebrities as the protagonists and are widely acclaimed and awarded many awards. Recently, Mayk Azzato joined the ML Crew Maurice Lacroix family and gathered together with talented people from the fields of art, culture and sports. They all have a special affinity for the brand.

Mayk Azzato is a photographer and director. He was born in Italy and now lives in Frankfurt. Over the past few decades of his professional career, he has made outstanding achievements in the photography and film industry. After being forced to give up his career as a professional athlete due to serious injuries in his youth, he used his good connections and a better aesthetic vision to focus on actors. Mayk Azzato accidentally traced the footsteps of his father, who was also a talented photographer. Throughout his career, Mayk Azzato has photographed many internationally renowned actors, models and football players. Including rapper Snoop Dogg, Bill Clinton and star violinist David Gretel have all appeared in front of his camera. His photos strike a perfect balance between German precision and Italian creativity. “Every job is unique, you always carry something with you.” Mayk Azzato explained. Each experience is unique and helps him further improve his skills.

“We have known Mayk Azzato for a long time and we are very happy that he is now a member of the ML Crew family,” said Stéphane Waser, managing director of Maurice Lacroix. “Like us, he has been looking for inspiration and reinventing himself time and time again. ——Just as Maison’s motto “success is a journey, not an end”,” Stéphane Waser continued. The artist also saw many similarities between his work and Maurice Lacroix timepieces. “Products must be attractive. The combination of design, aesthetics and colors is extremely important. Under the influence of social media, styles change faster and faster, and new interpretations of classic things must be given.” In Mayk Azzato’s view, time is a kind of With limited resources, owning time is a luxury, for him the time spent in travel is the most precious. Mayk Azzato likes to travel to Los Angeles and enjoy the urban lifestyle.

“Maurice Lacroix is ​​a modern luxury brand that keeps pace with the times. I appreciate this very much.” Mayk Azzato’s favorite is the AIKON series of sprinter automatic chronographs. This watch is delicate and subtle and exudes a certain quality. He doesn’t like digital watches, because in his opinion, the watch is a piece of jewelry. Mayk Azzato prefers to wear sneakers and a mechanical watch-this is a portrayal of his lifestyle. Therefore, he has not only watches but also 250 pairs of sneakers in his wardrobe.

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