How to choose the most favorite watch with a budget of 2,000 yuan? These three elements will tell you now

What kind of watch should I choose for a budget of around 2,000 yuan? It must be a topic that many newcomers are very interested in. What kind of entry-level can not only meet their daily needs, but also make people around you feel your good taste? Today, the craftsman came to talk about this topic with friends.

The first element: process selection!

Due to budget constraints, we are inevitably abandoning the full range of requirements for watches when we are positioning at 2,000 yuan. For example, in terms of craftsmanship and corner polishing, a thousand-yuan watch must not be comparable to a ten-thousand-yuan watch, and in terms of the transparency experience when the watch is read, it will inevitably be inadequate. Of course, these The shortcomings are not irreparable.

When choosing a watch, if you want to make the watch in your hand more textured, you can choose a watch with a brushed process to cover the case. Compared with the high-throw mirrored case with extremely high light reflectivity, it has a more matte gloss. It can hide the polished corner details that are not very exquisite, highlighting the advanced texture.

Regarding the issue of transparency, we can try our best to choose a watch with an anti-reflective coating mirror. The reduction of light reflectivity will make the reading under strong light clearer.

The second element: Movement selection!

If you are not a friend who has a passion for mechanical watches, it is recommended that you choose a solar-powered or simple quartz-powered watch. Due to the cost, the structure of mechanical watches at this price is relatively simple to polish, and most of them are based on durability. Watchmaking guidelines, as for accuracy and stability, it really depends on your luck. Compared with mechanical power, quartz power is simple in structure, accurate and durable. Worry-free I think it is also one of the needs of friends wearing watches at this price.

The third element: Appearance choice!

It is best to choose the classic models of this brand for watch design. After decades of market testing, each brand will have several classic series that are constantly updated and iterated until the development is mature. Rolex Water Ghost, Tudor Biwan, and Longines Masters are all outstanding represent. And this price is no exception, for example: Casio’s G SHOCK, Seiko canned food, Citizen Eco-Drive series is too numerous to list, and no matter what price, there is another advantage to choosing classic models. It is highly recognizable and highlights your personality. On the deep side, enhance your own taste.

About diving watches

Regarding diving watches, there are many diving works at this price. Professional waterproof design that reaches diving level is not difficult for today’s bezels. Take Seiko Citizen Casio’s entry-level three masters as an example. They are all equipped with 100m swimming class as standard. A little budget can have a choice of 200m professional diving watches.

Reference suggestions:

Finally, the craftsman gives a few watches as a reference suggestion. Regarding the various fields of watches that entry-level brands can choose: For the formal dress sequence, you can choose Tissot’s Junya series, which is simple and mature, the watch body is light and thin, with texture and taste;

Friends who like sports and fashion styles can choose Casio Mountaineering’s entry model and G SHOCK’s GST, with bold and outstanding appearance design, brilliant colors and complete functions;

Friends who love diving watches can choose Seiko PROSPEX solar watches or PADI charity models. Seiko’s design of canned watches can definitely attract your attention.

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