Free diving in the sea of ​​stars-Citizen Eco-Drive GPS satellite time synchronization diving watch

Watch diving with artisans is one of the most popular sports nowadays. Whether you are in a pleasant seaside resort or on a beautiful island in the blue sea, you can wear a diving suit, equipped with professional diving equipment, and jump into it to feel the charm of the sea. For diving enthusiasts, there is nothing more proud of than unlocking every diving resort you yearn for and exploring the unique beauty of different seas. With a passion for the ocean and incomparable awe for these natural miracles of the world, Citizen Glory presents two new PROMASTER sports series “Star Diving” watches, from the “100 popular diving and snorkeling” watches listed by the famous travel platform Tripadvisor. In “Destinations”, select eight popular diving resorts and gather them on the wrist at once. CITIZEN PROMASTER · Marine “Star Diving” watch CC5006-06L as

The flagship product of the PROMASTER·Marine diving series, the “Star Diving” is equipped with the F158 movement, and for the first time the GPS satellite time synchronization function is applied to a diving watch. For diving enthusiasts who frequently fly around the world and are in different diving resorts, they can easily complete positioning and time calibration without worrying about the cumbersome manual adjustment of the time difference. The case is made of Citizen’s unique Schuber Titanium, which is more than five times harder than stainless steel and is not afraid of underwater complex environments. The strap is an extensible strap with a non-slip design, which can be easily worn outside the diving suit. It also comes with a rubber strap that can be worn daily. The “Star Diving” launched this time has two dial colors, representing the two common colors of the sea, azure blue and turquoise. The time scales and hands of the magnified design are covered with a luminous coating, so the time can be easily read even in deep water. There are 27 world city abbreviations printed on the inside of the bezel to show the functions of the world time. At the same time, the dial is the same color to highlight the world’s eight most popular diving destinations: Sharm el-Sheikh, Maldives, Phuket, Great Barrier Reef, Fiji, Hawaii , Galapagos Islands and Fernando de Noronha. For professional diving enthusiasts, the PROMASTER· Marine diving series “Star Diving” watch has a waterproof depth of 200 meters that meets the ISO standard, meeting the needs of professional diving and recreational diving. The unidirectional rotating bezel and screw-in crown design prevent underwater misoperation and ensure waterproof performance. At the same time, in order to better protect the safety of divers, after the diving mode is turned on, all other functions except the time display will be stopped to prevent improper operation caused by touching the button by mistake. “Star diving” also has the remaining battery display and light-sensitive brightness level indicator function. If the battery is insufficient, the diving mode will not be activated. Ensure that the diver can know the battery storage status of the watch before entering the water.

Powerful functional configuration and durable design make “Star Diving” like a reliable partner, providing peace of mind for diving enthusiasts. In conjunction with the launch of “Star Diving”, Citizen also launched exclusive interview stories for divers and environmentalists in the eight major diving resorts. While showing the local natural beauty, it also revealed the current status of the local ocean and the environmental challenges it faces. In the future, Citizen also hopes to continue to contribute to the exploration of the ocean, so that more people can appreciate the charm of the ocean, awaken people’s awareness of protecting nature, and inspire everyone to take action to protect the ocean.

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