When DAVID started his business in 2006, the company ’s name was actually FOLKSY, meaning:If you describe someone as FOLKSY, you mean that they are friendly and informal in their behaviour. There is a classic saying in China: What ritual values most is harmony. Harmony makes money, so it can succeed, which is why it is named FOLKSY. In 2006, we met our first benefactor, TANZEEM, who trusted in our company very much, knowing that we are a newly established company, but given a lot of support, he always wrote FOLKSY as FOKSY. Finally David changed our company name to FOKSY, and give more meaning to FOKSY:

F : Fast response

O : We are a rigorous and Organized team

K : We provide King services to make customers more satisfied

S : we are not only produce watches, but also give Solutions

Y : Yes, we did and doing

Foksy Vision

Helping young people start business in low-cost.

To become a navigator ofOEM watch industry inChina, providing combineperformance with competitive pricing,high-quality and innovative,customized, trend-setting watches.

Foksy Mission

Let China’s creation go to the world!

Foksy Responsibility

Help customers start a business, save money for customers, help customers make money.

Foksy Value

Superior standards forquality and innovationbuild the foundation ofGoTops ethos.Customerstake precedence overeverything We strive for excellence in all our endeavors.

Co-create, win-win, sharing, righteousness.

Foksy Spirit

We value culture, teamwork and collaboration. Our actions are driven by innovation and creativity. Our employees are at the heart of our success, and the needs of our customers are the source of our continuous innovation. We work together to create a brilliant tomorrow.

Foksy embraces a pioneering spirit and a compassionate value-driven culture that nurtures innovation, drives performance and guarantees high global standards in all their endeavors. Superior craftsmanship, innovative designs, trustworthy product quality and customer-oriented values form the foundation of our brand.