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Watches production finished, customers recieved the watch, our service has just started. We will support customers from the product’s professionalism, after-sales solutions, use of watches, website construction, market promotion positioning will give corresponding suggestions. We want to be a team of customers, not just a supplier.

What is the most important thing in an organization? Talent!






The oldest of our sales team is 40 years old and the youngest is 22 years old. We have undergone rigorous training in professional knowledge, English proficiency and communication skills. We can quickly understand customer needs, give timely feedback to customers, and save customers’ communication costs. Our response time is 1 second – within 24 hours.

Leverage the latest in modeling and rendering without heavy investment in equipment and skills. 

Our experienced watch design team will deliver complete 2D or 3D models and renders of your designs quickly and accurately. 

1-8 hours to complete the design required by customers.

Using the latest in camera technology, our experienced team deliver sumptuous imagery for your product catalogue and sales initiatives. Our experienced photographers understand how to present your watch in the best light, creating engaging and persuasive imagery for your project.

We have served a large number of online small and micro brands, know how to help new brands give advice on website construction and marketing, help customers better promote their brands and achieve good sales results.

Moving into a new market brings many challenges and requires significant investment.

We can help alleviate some of those problems by providing the on-location support you need. With unmatched local market experience, we can build your brand while lowering initial costs for market entry.

About Dropshipping

The general  procedure is this:

  1. Customers place orders at retailer stores-such as your shopify store
  2. After receiving the payment, the Retailer sends the customer’s order to Wholesaler, supplier, or other retailer (that is, a third party)
  3. The third-party directly sends the goods/goods to the customer, and the whole sales process is over.

Foksy watch helps customers sell watches in this way. The difference is because we do n’t have any inventory and do n’t make our own brand, just for customers to customize their own brand of watches.

So FOKSY WATCH’s dropshipping is:

  1. The retailer made their brand watch from Foksy according to the MOQ
  2. Store these watches in a logistics warehouse in China
  3. After the customer purchases the watch in the retailer’s own store, the logistics will directly send the watch to the customer
  4. The retailer negotiate freight charge with logistics by himself, Foksy will recommend

So, the retailer only needs to do marketing and promotion, as well as after-sales service, and other things are left to us. This operation can help customers save taxes, labour, and after-sales is also very convenient.

If you don’t want to do your own brand, you may buy some promotion watches to try the market first.

After-sales service

FOKSY has the standard document about the after sale service.

We accept 7days return and 10years quality Warranty.