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Custom watch service: from start to finish, we can offer bespoke services for your brand. With more than 15 years of experience in design, R&D, and engineering, we can offer efficient solutions to demanding requirements.


It is very easy to start your own brand watch business. Foksy will offer you trends design, low MOQ to start, less risk, less investment!

2D design and drawings:

We can off you trendy designs and give you practical solutions on how to achieve your desired look for your own brand.

3D technical diagrams:

Our Engineering team will calculate the best construction of every component to achieve your final approved design.

3D drawings and printing:

We can produce 3D drawing for your approve design and even offer a 3D printed prototype.


All Foksy watchs customers are doing their own brand. brand means value, quality, service. Foksy watch care the quality and checking the quality from the original material to the complete watches.we believe: brand road is long way to go, if we dont control the quality well, customers will have problem, then we will have problem,too.

What defines me


Prototypes are made following all specs and details of approved watch designs. Revisions and improvements to prototypes will be made until final approval of all details.


Complete watch assembling 
Quality control & inspection during every stage of production
Assist in obtaining product certifications (i.e. RoHS and REACH compliance)


Individualized packing and sorting of complete watches
Work with and deliver to your designated logistics provider or dropshipping.
10 years warranty for all after-sales services for all manufacturing defects including case polishing, re-plating, and general repairs, etc.


Watches production finished, customers recieved the watch, our service has just started. We will support customers from the product’s professionalism, after-sales solutions, use of watches, website construction, market promotion positioning will give corresponding suggestions. We want to be a team of customers, not just a supplier.

Apple Watch Case

One of our most popular products: Apple watch cases. We can produce all series of Apple Watch cases and support custom watch logos for customers.

Automatic watch

256P-6-1003 is our newly designed automatic watch. The design comes from a unique transparent dial. It is specially designed for young people. It shows individuality and can clearly see the gears of the movement, giving people a high-tech feeling.

Quartz Watch​

498S-7-1001 is our latest quartz watch designed specifically for men. It uses a VD53 movement, a stainless steel metal case, the dial has a grid pattern and 3 chronograph dials, and it is matched with a leather strap to demonstrate the noble temperament.

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