Citizen global brand ambassador Naomi Osaka wins U.S. Open 2020

Watch and craftsman Citizen’s global brand spokesperson, professional tennis player Naomi Osaka, wore a signature watch to compete in the 2020 U.S. Open in the Grand Slam tournament. After two years, he successfully regained the U.S. Open championship again. This is also the first personal harvest. 3 Grand Slam titles. Naomi Osaka Signature Limited Watch CB1101-03L Global Limited 5000 pieces The signature limited edition watch worn by Naomi Osaka during the US Open is a solar-powered multi-burst radio controlled watch with universal time functions. The watch adopts the contrast color matching of “clear sky blue” and “tennis yellow”. The bright color scheme is specially selected by Naomi Osaka for this signature watch. It is inspired by Naomi Osaka’s most familiar tennis color and the blue sky on the court. . The case is made of lightweight Schuber Titanium™, which is about 40% lighter than stainless steel. The rubber strap also makes the wearing experience lighter and more comfortable. The Osaka Naomi signature limited edition watch receives standard radio signals from 4 regions of the world (China/Japan/Europe/North America) and can display the time of 26 world cities. The core technology of light kinetic energy absorbs visible light and converts it into electrical energy to drive the watch to run continuously without frequent battery replacement, which is convenient and safe. At the same time, an elegant black rubber strap is included with the watch to meet the needs of different styles. The signature of Naomi Osaka is engraved on the bottom of the watch, which is more commemorative. “When the tennis ball flew high in the sky, the blue sky and bright yellow tennis ball impacted my vision, giving me inspiration and strength!”-Naomi Osaka

Naomi Osaka’s “Better Starts Now” interview video On the brand website of Citizen “Better Starts Now”, an interview video of Naomi Osaka was released, showing Naomi Osaka’s belief that he has always followed the path he believed in. Although the situation is changing every moment, Naomi Osaka still insists on discovering the power of “better” from the “now”, which is exactly the brand concept of Citizen. In addition, we also invite people who have always supported Citizen and have a consensus on this to participate in the filming, and tell their own experiences and perceptions: Although there are often various challenges in life, everyone is active in their respective fields. There are good ways to deal with changes. I hope that for people who are also living in the present, it can inspire them to take a positive step. Naomi Osaka Signature Limited Edition Watch-The dynamic interlaced pattern surrounds the inside of the case, which is a unique design of Naomi Osaka’s signature model. -There are 26 world city names around the dial, and the cities of the four Grand Slam tournaments are marked in blue (Melbourne: MEL/Paris: PAR/London: LON/New York: NYC). -The back cover is engraved with Naomi Osaka’s signature.

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