Can this 10,000-yuan “first mover” shake the status of a master craftsman and challenge the authority of Tudor?

As a veteran fighter in the Swiss watch industry, Longines always brings us unexpected surprises even a hundred years later. From magnificent to famous craftsmen, from classic retro to pioneers, all are second to none classic works, Longines is like Like mind-reading, we know the needs of our hearts for watch feelings, styles, and comprehensive capabilities. The work that the craftsman wants to talk to you today can be said to be a collection of the design charm of both the classic retro sequence and the pioneer sequence—Longines Pioneer.


The creative inspiration of Longines Pioneer comes from the timekeeping equipment that once accompany us on the journey of human exploration.

Forerunner, you can see from the name Longines’ interpretation of the pioneering spirit of adventure. At the same time, Longines also pays tribute to outstanding explorers in history with the pioneer series. They have made contributions to the process of human history with groundbreaking feats and fearless courage, and they continue to inspire us today to dare to surpass ourselves.


In terms of appearance design, the constituent elements are very simple, with three large needles, large hour markers, and simple shell lines, which have the beauty of Longines classic retro sequence and retro charm. In the details, every inch of brushed and polished, every corner is natural. The transition is exactly the same as the meticulousness of the founder of Longines. In the sensory experience brought to us by the pioneers, there is also the majestic grandeur of the pioneers, and the two characters of classic retro core feelings are highlighted incisively and vividly. The blue or black dial design is simple but attractive.

40 or 42mm diameter design, can fit most friends’ wrists. The core is equipped with the L888 movement, with 64 hours of power storage, and all watches of the Forerunner sequence have been certified by the Swiss Observatory, ensuring to the greatest extent the accuracy of reading “on the road of the wearer’s adventure”.

The 100m waterproof design is the standard configuration of this series of works, always preparing for us to start the adventure mode.

The design incorporates many classic elements of Longines, and the core is also Longines’s trump card. Overall, this is a watch with good overall quality. I wonder what your friends would like?

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