Can Dashi Johnson’s favorite watch brand impress you? Do you think this charm blue tough guy is worth it?

On the bezel, in addition to the unattainable green, blue is the most charming, as deep as the sea, with mystery and beauty. From Oris Ice Lake Blue, TAG Heuer diving series to Omega Bright Blue, Seamaster 300. Every time, this profound appearance will always bring a lot of enthusiastic fans. Today, our protagonist is from the faint blue of the tough Panerai LUMINOR series.


This is a GMT dual-time zone functional watch with Panerai’s classic tough guy appearance. It continues the consistent tough guy style. It is made with angular diamond cutting technology. The classic tough bridge is a symbol of its brand. The diameter of the watch is 44mm. Under Dapei’s banner, it should be considered a relatively “people-friendly” size, and the dial with a bluish glow is particularly deep under the sun.

The stainless steel case is covered with a satin-finished wire drawing process, which contrasts sharply with the high-polished process of the bezel. In order to match the deep dial, the crocodile leather strap also chose dark blue, two blue light just to line the angular case, showing toughness in elegance, and a softness in toughness.

The core is equipped with a P.9011 movement with stable performance and a 72-hour dynamic storage capacity. And he also has a 300m diving-level waterproof design, there is no doubt about the deep diving ability.

There was a ridicule of “ten fakes and nine fakes, and one silly” in the folks. In this case, the craftsman just wants to say that since Panerai can exist as a high-end brand for more than a hundred years, it is naturally reasonable. Panerai’s grasp of precision in the movement does need to be improved, but each brand has its own What Panerai is good at and what Panerai is good at is to ensure the stability of the watch during sports, and the ability of the watch to deal with high-pressure environments, as well as the powerful appearance style design. In these aspects, Panerai does not say that the bezel is a leader, but it is also among the best. Whether a watch is worth it or not requires you to taste it after you really own it. With so many Internet addicts, I am afraid that there is no such thing as a “good watch” in their dictionary.

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