Are you ready to carry the audience? Tasting Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spider LPL limited edition watch

In early September this year, Roger Dubuis and his partner League of Legends Professional League LPL released two Excalibur Spider LPL limited edition watches. For Roger Dubuis, the Swiss watch brand, helping the very hot Chinese e-sports business is to collide with a diverse and innovative culture, such as the black-red and white-purple watches. The creative inspiration comes directly from League of Legends games and its e-sports events. The watch house also photographed the black and red styles a while ago, so today I will introduce this watch that cooperates with e-sports through the real shots.

Before the introduction, let’s talk to you about the cooperation between Roger Dubuis and the League of Legends professional league LPL. Many people know the League of Legends game, its abbreviation is LOL, and the LPL that cooperates with Roger Dubuis, will I don’t understand that LPL actually refers to the highest-level League of Legends professional competition in mainland China. It officially concluded a cooperative relationship with LPL. However, in previous press releases, I also saw many friends who expressed that they did not understand the entry into the e-sports industry. I think so. First of all, it is more than just innovative attempts in cooperation in different styles. Roger Dubuis’ current positioning is compared. It is biased towards young consumer groups, which overlaps with the LPL league or the LOL group. Before, I also saw many RD table friends at the LPL event held by RD in Beijing. They all like to play this game. Friends who have participated in amateur leagues overseas, the audience is indeed clear, and the brand has positioned this series of watches as limited editions, both of which are limited to 28 pieces.

This time the LPL cooperation watch models all use the Excalibur Spider Mavericks series as the design base. The black and red model on the picture uses RD’s best black DLC coated titanium alloy material to make a 45 mm case. The titanium alloy is originally The strength is large, the corrosion resistance is good, and it is lighter than steel. After the diamond carbon coating technology, the silver gray metal color becomes pure black effect, which also strengthens the high wear resistance. Another white-purple color case White ceramic composite fiber is used. The Huracán rim nut-shaped crown on the watch side is engraved with the brand RJ logo on the top.

On the other side of the watch, there are LOCK lock and FREE unlock logos that are eye-catching, which means that it is equipped with the previous Pirelli model, which is derived from the rapid change device designed by the racing car’s rapid pit stop Pitstop.

The watch is equipped with two replacement bezels, a large pit pattern bezel with the “top, jungle, middle, bottom, assist” pattern taken from the game and the 12 o’clock LPL logo, the other is a small The regular 60-digit scale bezel of the cow model.

Through the above animation demonstration, we can see that this replacement system is very convenient. First, rotate the rotating titanium alloy bezel from the LOCK position to the FREE unlock position, and then you can directly remove the bezel and replace it with a regular bezel. . To reinstall the bezel, you only need to align the white arrow with the white point of the FREE unlocking position and screw it back. After installation, the bezel is firmly locked on the case through the groove, so you don’t have to worry about it in daily wear. The bezel will loosen.

The Mavericks’ iconic hollow-out panel design is like viewing the engine through the transparent engine compartment of a supercar. The two eye-catching symmetrical honeycomb designs in the middle are derived from the Huracán’s front air intake grille, while the X-shaped movement bridge in the center is derived from the connecting rod design of the V10 engine compartment. In the center of the lower double barrel is the date display window, while the hexagonal window with the 12-degree tilt of the balance wheel above is derived from the sports car dashboard. From top to bottom, they are superbly integrated with the unique genes of Italian supercars.

However, there is one thing to say that the watch only fills the white SLN luminous paint in the diamond-shaped end of the titanium alloy hands. The luminous effect is indeed weak. If the surrounding time scales and the League of Legends logo on the bezel are filled with luminous, it will surely be even worse. Cool.

The idling effect of the single-winding rotor is the same as the Huracán wheel running, which is quite interesting.

Let’s appreciate from the back through design of the watch. There is a large red LPL logo on the top of the back cover, and an RD630 self-winding movement is mounted below it. The brake disc shape of the main bridge below, the movement bridge plate has also been sandblasted and adjusted NAC coating treatment, composed of 233 parts, 28,800 vibration frequency per hour, double barrel full chain can provide 60 Hour power reserve, water resistance of the whole watch up to 50 meters.

The watch comes with a black rubber strap inside and red on the outside with Alcantara® inlays. It also comes with a black Alcantara® strap, which can be easily replaced by a quick release system with one click, one pull and one plug.

Summary: Let’s enjoy this Excalibur Spider LPL limited edition watch. Finally, I will talk to you about my personal views on this watch. First of all, in terms of the price of the watch, the public price of the watch is RMB 395,000. , Compared with the ordinary pure black DLC titanium calf, it is 40,000 yuan more expensive, and it is 40,000 cheaper than the ceramic and carbon fiber styles. It is in the middle of the calf, but this series of watches is still more interesting than the ordinary calf. Because you can see both e-sports elements and Lamborghini’s racing genes on this watch, Roger Dubuis blended them all together.

In the recent period of time, the League of Legends, whether it is the launch of a mobile game or the EDG team in the LPL division just won the global championship, the popularity is very high. Then the cooperation of LPL can also be said to have a lot of operability in the follow-up, such as You can make watches for champion players and teams, or draw inspiration from hero skins like this watch. However, RD and LPL did not say the specific source of design inspiration for the two watches. I also see the black and red models. Look, it looks more like the Hellfire series skins or Battlefield mechs, and the white purple is more like the K/DA virtual band. If your cousins ​​also play League of Legends, you can leave a message in the comment area if you think they look more like a skin. If you like this black and red style LPL cooperation watch, you might as well pay more attention, or you can go to the local Roger Dubuis store for information.

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