Admiral’s Cup, the dream of setting sail

If you want to stand out in the current sports watch market, in addition to the excellent performance of the watch, excellent design and high recognition are also indispensable factors. As a watch specially designed for nautical sports, the Kunlun Admiral’s Cup series relies on the relatively rare 12-sided case shape, and the brightly colored nautical flag and hour markers are unforgettable.

Admiral series LEGEND 42 watch

Kunlun Watch was born in 1955 and was established by founder Rene Bannwart in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. The brand name is simplified from the French spelling of the Latin word “QUORUM”. However, compared with the original name, I feel that the Chinese translation of “Kunlun” is more artistic, and it achieves the “Finity, Dalmatism, and Elegance” pursued in translation. First of all, “CORUM” and the Chinese “Kunlun” are similar in pronunciation. The word “Kunlun” is derived from the highly respected Kunlun Mountain in Chinese mythology. It is well-known to the world and has a good communication effect.

Admiral Cup with a square case in the early days

Returning to the watch itself, the birth of the Admiral Cup series is closely related to sailing competitions. At the beginning of the brand’s birth, in order to quickly expand its popularity, Kunlun sponsored the “Admiral Cup” World Sailing Competition. name. In 1960, Kunlun Watch launched the first Admiral’s Cup watch. But it’s different from the Admiral’s Cup as we know it today. It uses a square case design with a sailboat and “Admiral’s Cup” engraved on the bottom of the table. This is also the world’s first batch with waterproof function. One of the square watches.

Admiral’s Cup in 1983

Although the brand has gained a certain degree of popularity through sponsorship of events and advertising, the square watch has always been tepid, and Kunlun has decided to use a more radical design on its new products. The product launched in 1983 boldly adopted a dodecagonal case, the 12 hour markers were replaced with international navigation flags, and continued the Admiral’s Cup trophy engraved on the bottom cover, which also opened the “modern The prologue of the “Admiral Cup”, these design elements have been passed down to this day, and they can still be found in sales.

12-sided case

The polygonal case must have been touched by everyone, such as the Hamilton “Elvis” triangle case and the Cartier “tank” quadrilateral case that we are familiar with. Kunlun uses the relatively rare 12-deformation case. In order to perfectly connect with the case, the watch mirror also uses the same 12-deformation case. It is ingenious that the number of sides can correspond one-to-one with the number of time scales, which will make the visual perception closer to a circle and reduce the sense of fragmentation.

International Maritime Signal Flag

Speaking of the most dazzling part of the dial, there is nothing more than the time scale of the international maritime signal flag. The hour markers in this shape are also unique when looking at the entire bezel, which greatly enhances the recognition of the series. The international maritime signal flag was first born in the 19th century, and each side has its specific meaning. It represents various situations that may be encountered in maritime navigation. Just hang it to convey the ship’s dynamics to the surrounding ships. Nowadays, with the advancement of communication technology, it exists more as a symbol of ships. Incorporating this cultural symbol into the watch models further deepens the relationship between the product and the navigation.

In general, although the “Admiral Cup” is closely related to the ocean, the positioning of the series is not a diving watch. Compared to professional diving watches with a waterproof rating of 300 meters or even 500 meters, its waterproof performance is only sufficient for daily use. However, as sports watch designs are becoming more and more homogeneous today, if you want to find a model with outstanding shape and full recognition from the same level, the Admiral Cup must be the only choice.

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