20 years of “One Piece” feelings, today thousands of yuan-level G SHOCK will help you realize

ONE PIECE, as the ultimate secret in the classic anime One Piece, not only makes all the forces in the animation fanatical, but also makes countless One Piece fans dreams. Some people say that it is not the ultimate treasure in the true sense, but it symbolizes many life philosophies such as persisting in commitment, embracing faith, and facing life, and all these keywords are also throughout the entire animation story and are shown in the protagonist. The author’s in-depth thinking about life, friendship, dreams and other aspects.

The secrets about ONE PIECE can only be answered in the animation, and returning to today’s protagonist, Casio recently launched a One Piece co-branded G SHOCK watch that can make your ONE PIECE wear on your wrist.

Based on the G SHOCK resin classic model, it is outlined in white, red and black, and gold is used as a foil. Many classic characters of One Piece are drawn on the wrist. The appearance can not only realize your dream of one Piece’s feelings, but also the color matching is reasonable and the personality is outstanding.

On the watch dial at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock, the words “WANTED in the wanted order and the pattern of straw hat” were drawn respectively to show the feelings of this joint model of One Piece from the details. The appearance can be said to be the best for the designer. The expression of feelings also demonstrates the heroic character of G SHOCK in terms of core function equipment. More than 10 functions such as 48-hour world time, shockproof, antimagnetic, and 200m waterproof are complete, and the practicability is as strong as ever.

This work is currently on sale in Casio officially by lottery. The second round of lottery is expected to be from July 26th to 30th. Judging from the first wave of sales, each time it is limited to about 200 pieces. Friends who like it can Make an appointment and pay attention to the official notice.

Well, let’s talk about it today. Friends who like watches, pay attention to me. If you are thinking about buying a watch but are wondering whether it is worthwhile, follow me, leave a message or private message, the craftsman will be the first to see Reply to everyone at once, thank you for your support!

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