10000 + Will you choose this charming German niche “Panda Plate”?

For the panda watch, the craftsman did not have much interest in this type of watch at first sight, because I prefer a simple style, it is difficult to “speak beautiful” for the three-eye design of the chronograph type, not to mention The matching of black and white contrasting colors on the hand is too eye-catching, until I understand the history of the origin of the panda disk and racing sports, I slowly realize the beauty of this type of watch. In my opinion, the Panda Pan is like a girl who looks attractive, the more you look, the more attractive.

The popular style of panda, represented by Rolex, has been popular in the bezel for a long time. Omega, Breitling, Longines, Hamilton, many brands to cater to this trend, no matter whether it pays tribute to this design element, they have launched a panda plate. Chronograph, let alone until today, black and white contrast is still active in the bezel.

Recently, the craftsman came into contact with a panda plate by chance, but his existence is too low-key compared to a brand such as Omega Longines, which is widely known by the world.

Union Yulian Watch, for this brand, most of my friends may feel very unfamiliar. In fact, Yulian, like Longines and Radar, belongs to Swatch, and is different from the two brands that entered the Chinese market as early as the last century. Yes, Yulian did not officially enter China until 2018, and this is one of the important reasons why he is little known.

Although the design is based on black and white contrast, but different from the traditional design of the panda dial, this Yulian Beilishi chronograph adopts an asymmetrical dial color design, and his old ivory white dial It seems to be created specifically to explain to the world that although Yulian is small but also has a century-old history.

The diameter of the watch is 44mm, and the thickness of the watch body is 15mm. This size design allows craftsmen with thin wrists to see its beauty from a distance. The red pointer makes this work show a bit of Forza sports beauty. The overall polishing of the work is very meticulous, and the high-polishing and wire-drawing process naturally flows and transitions between the surface and the body, and the texture and design complement each other.

The core is equipped with a UNG27.01 movement, power storage for 60 hours, and has a precision stability comparable to that of an observatory. As for the movement of Yulian, he has his own self-produced movement, but most watches use the owner’s ETA, which is convenient after all. Regarding UNG27.01, this is an ETA7750 modified movement. Unlike most of the brands that are used, Yulian will decompose the purchased ETA movement and polish each part. And upgrades, so that the core of the watch is more beautiful, and the guarantee is more powerful.

As a sports cadre under the brand, Yulian gave it a 100m waterproof design. Although diving is nothing, it can handle basic wading events such as general swimming.

Finally, there is another point worth complaining about. Although his cowhide watchband fits the nostalgic theme of the work, it is not too perfunctory? After all, he is a player of the same level as Longines, but he is a crocodile skin. Shouldn’t he be more sincere?

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